name: phantomkiwami (phantom, kiwami)
pronouns: he/him preferred, but they/them is always fine
age: 17
language: russian (native), english (C2?)
timezone: UTC+3 (MST (moscow standard time))
favorite color: turquoise


video games
mega man - currently my actual favorite video games series and overall piece of media. within the franchise my favorite series are classic, battle network and star force
touhou project - i'm not as brainrot about it as mega man (yet?) but i'm still a big fan
various indie games including celeste, shovel knight, freedom planet 1 and 2, gravity circuit, copy kitty, pharaoh rebirth, cave story and kero blaster and others
dnb / jungle
vocalsynth (vocaloid etc.)
the vision of escaflowne
mobile suit gundam
the big o
more might be added later!


Q. what hardware and software do you use for yout work?
A. hardware: my android phone, my laptop, parblo intangbo M graphic tablet;
software: aseprite (pc), ibispaint X and pixel studio (android)

Q. can you work on my project?
A. definitely not unless you're a close friend of mine, and even then i think i'm not nearly confident enough in my skills to be ready for that kinda thing, i can only ask you to not take it personally



Cohost - my social media platform of choice where i post ramblings and art sometimes

Discord (phantomkiwami) - for privacy reasons DMs are limited to friends only; i usually dismiss friend requests from strangers, so if you want me to accept your request you can tell me about it through my cohost askbox (you can do it without an account!)